After Party #ASYourStyle

Bra & Briefs- c/o Ann Summers

Underwear is a major thing for me and I'm sure for many girls a like; It's the first yet finishing touch to how you feel when you get ready in the morning, or of course, an evening.
It provides confidence and down right sassiness to each and every look so it's important to get it right.

The latest edition to my underwear drawer is from the brand new After Party range at Ann Summers. A collection of lingerie that is super sexy yet seriously affordable. A collection of statement bras, cut out bodies, sheer dresses and fierce fringing, it's a range of underwear that can easily be worn as outerwear... Clever ey.
With sheer's, strapping, lace and fringing all being key trends for this season, I think it's such a great concept for a lingerie collection.

I chose the Esme set which is a beautiful non padded bra in the most stunning of black lace. A super soft and silk like finish which means slipping into this set is rather luxurious indeed. The hot pink piping adds a bit of fun to a rather sexy set, which is something I always like to go with for every piece of clothing including my undies.
This bra looks so gorgeous flashing ever so slightly underneath sheer tops or peeking out under a crisp white shirt for a touch of sexiness to my usual boyish looks.

x M


OTK Boots Part 1 With Urban Outfitters

Waistcoat- Megan x ASOS Tops, Tshirt- c/o Urban Outfitters, Skirt- c/o Urban Outfitters, Boots- c/o Urban Outfitters

That fresh chill in a morning is here, hurrah! Well that is in between the down right wash out days, but nevertheless autumn is here.

And with that comes the knitwear, the layers and of course, the over knee boots.

Urban Outfitters have challenged me to style up their awesome over knee boots with lace up detailing in three very different ways, of course with each having that sixties come seventies vibe that I cannot get enough of lately.

Here I decided to go for a vey seventies inspired get up with a bit of a Woodstock touch. 
Teaming a slogan ringer tee (one of my fave pieces right about now) and corduroy mini skirt (ohhhh the sweet sweet textures) and throwing in a touch of suede and fringing with a waistcoat from my collection at ASOS. I feel the deep black of the boots really works to dull down a rather colourful look, tying in the colour of the slogan and tipping on the T-shirt perfectly. 

Boots of this nature are HUGE this season and I for one am loving it. 
Make sure you stay tuned for how I style them up next... Spoiler alert... With jeans ooooooo.

x M



A girlie weekend with my little sister was just what I needed after the return from the most perfect week up North to gloomy old London, I swear I leave a little bit of my heart up North every time I leave.
We went to watch James Bay in Brixton on Friday night which was rather special indeed and then headed out for a girlie day of shopping and lunching on Saturday afternoon.

Our choice of haunt for lunch however, was a bit of a different one I must say; a restaurant unlike any other place I've ever visited.
Vico, in the heart of central London is a covered piazza serving Italian street food; designed for visiting with friends and sharing a heck load of amazing food and wine.

We were greeted by the very charming Steve, who kindly showed us the ropes to Vico, starting with the most epic of all salad stations, we piled up a HUGE plate full of the best Italian greens.
From butternut squash and pomegranate, salt cod and potato, mozarella and tomatos and tuna tartae it was a salad bar like no other and of course we just had to sample each and every salad available,  filling in the spaces with the most delicious Arancini.
The Arancini, which consisted of pumpkin, mushroom risotto, squid ink and lasagne fillings, were simply divine, with each one as delicious as the next, with my fave being the mushroom risotto which was melt in the mouth delicious with the gooiest and yummiest of cheese oozing throughout.

Once we'd put a small dent into our huge salad plate, we moved on to fish, which I honestly cannot comprehend even now.... THAT SQUID THOUGH!!! Like no other calamari I have ever tasted, it was simply out of this world, with the scallops, prawns and cod being equally as scrummy. I was in total Megan heaven... Fried fish and a litre of Prosecco... Ohhh HEY!

By this point we were next level stuffed, but we still managed to sample some of the pizza's on offer, which were smaller slices, taken from huge pizzas, with the slices being sold by weight similarly to that of the streets of Rome and Naples.

I simply cannot recommend Vico highly enough, I can just image bringing a group of my girlies here for the ultimate girlie night out. Divulging in the ultimate Italian feast and drinking the most delicious Italian Prosecco; the entire ethos of sharing is one that is very close to my heart, especially when it comes to food so I can assure you that I am already planning my next visit.

x M


My Every Day Hair Guide With ghd

When it comes to my hair, well, my barnet and I, we have a rather love hate relationship.
It is by far my favourite thing about my overall look, but boy is it a pain in the bum... Fellow fringed friends you will feel me here.

However, that being said the question I get asked most over on my Instagram and within the comments of my blogposts is how I style my doo.

So, with that, the love hate relationship we have, and to celebrate the ghd Curve's 1 year birthday, here we have a little guide to exaclty how I style my hair and the tools I use to create the messy, I just got out of bed look; because trust me, it takes a lot of effort to look this effortless...

So here we go!

Step 1. Day old hair is bible when it comes to creating that messy bed head look so ideally, don't wash your hair first... Or, throw in heaps of sea salt spray and jobs a gooden.

Step 2. Section off your hair, or, if you're super lazy like me, just pull pieces from the back, to the front past your ear and wrap it round the awesome ghd Curve Creative Curl Wand.
To create my hair look, you only need to curl the mid-ends of the hair, so it's super easy to do without sectioning (HURRAH)

Step 3. Once, you've tonged all of the ends of your hair, take a straightening iron, the one I use is the ghd IV Styler in Periwinkle, but any iron will do. You just need these to smooth over from the roots to the mids of your hair before the curl begins.

Step 4.  Almost there, just mess up the curls a little bit with your fingers (not a brush, these curls are delicate and brushing them will completely destroy them) before fixing with TONNES of hair spray.

So there we have it, exactly how I style my hair each and every day. I really enjoyed experimenting with an all new hair tong, adapting, and quite frankly, cementing my hair routine.
I've used ghd straighteners and the larger ghd Curve Soft Curl Tong before, but the ghd Curve Creative Curl Wand has a much smaller, tapered barrel which provides the perfect messy curl look, that I love oh so much.

Do let me know if you try out this super easy hair tutorial, I'd love to see your finished looks.

x M

P.S If you'd like to know the exact hair products I use to prep and finish my hair look, then do let me know in the comments below.


For The Love Of Pom

Hat- ASOS, Jacket- ASOS, Knit- c/o Glamorous, Skirt- c/o Glamorous, Boots- c/o Daniel Footwear (sold out, similar here & here), Backpack- c/o Radley

Interesting head wear is a sure fire way to get unwanted attention... Trust me. After venturing into central London wearing this super cute peaked hat with pom pom detailing, I got three complete and utter weirdos commenting on it and attempting to chat me up with their POOR chat.

But anyway, weirdos and chat up lines aside, I'm having quite the love affair with the latest addition to my ever growing hat collection. It just seems to add that little bit of summin summin to each and every look it accessorises.
A thick knit tank top and suede skirt combo is one combo that I feel will be gracing my body and this blog a lot across the winter months, throw in some awesome statement boots and of course a statement piece of headwear and I'm really rather happy indeed.

Muted down ever so slightly with a longline duster coat and a classic leather backpack by Radley and you've got yo'self the perfect Indian Summer transitional look.

x M


#30DaysOfDenim Week 2

JacketBlouse, Jeans- c/o Levis
Jacket, Tshirt & Jeans- c/o Levis
Tshirt, Jeans- c/o Levis
Shirt, Jeans- c/o Levis

So here we have another week in denim from my #30DaysOfDenim challenge by Levi's and Grazia. This week saw me tackle rollerskates for the first time, along with rocking double denim for a girlie take on the trend and going for an all black get up for my denim gig night look.
Be sure to stay tuned over on my Instagram for more denim goodness along with the Grazia website and of course, in Grazia mag, with my third feature out today... Whoop Whoop!

x M