Tuesday, 27 January 2015

PagesByMegan & Schwarzkopf

I'm currently writing this blog post, head in basin, having hair dye washed from my hair...EXCITING!
A totally different post from me today in the form of a real life video that I filmed and edited MYSELF! Now this may not seem like a big deal to you YouTubers out there, but for a first attempt, i'm pretty darn proud!
Basically, as the video explains, I've got some super exciting things taking place right now (as I type this post at 3pm on Monday 26th Jan) and in the next few months with hair brand Schwarzkopf LIVE Color XXL, which I'm super, duper excited to share with you all.

Take a peek at the video for lots more details about what Schwarzkopf and I will be creating together, along with a few shocking photos of my past hair dos, yanor, just thrown in for your viewing pleasure... ENJOY and stay tunes

 x M

Sunday, 25 January 2015

How to get into the fashion industry: My Story

Coat Flares- All ASOS
HAPPY SUNDAY y'all! Hope you've all had a wonderful weekend!
Today's post is something a little different than usual and is something I've been working on for a while now.
Week in and week out I receive a number of emails from you lovely bunch enquiring about how I got to where I am today and if I can offer any advice for aspiring fashionistas who are wanting to break into the world of fashion and more specifically styling.
So I've split this into two posts, to try and explain (not brag) my journey and any tips and advice I can give, so here goes, it's a long one so grab a cuppa!

Coat, Trousers, Shoes- All ASOS
I studied Fashion Communication and Promotion at university and I can honestly say it was an incredible course that truly equipped me for life as a professional.
Whilst at college I studied Fashion & Textiles, Photography, Media Studies and English Language and knew that I absolutely needed to be in the fashion industry, however, that being said, I had absolutely no idea what part of the very competitive and complex industry was for me. For that reason, I chose the course Fashion Communication and Promotion at the University of Huddersfield, purely due to the fact that the course offered a wide variety of fashion related topics including, PR, marketing, journalism, photography, styling and trend forecasting, therefore I knew it would provide me with a vast amount of knowledge within a number of fashion realms that would really help me learn which was the right avenue for me.
My course in Huddersfield also offered a Sandwich Course, which means you go off into the big bad world of industry for a year to gain as much experience as possible. For me this was the ultimate selling point, I knew that to succeed and achieve my dreams and the all important graduate job, I needed to leave university with as much experience as possible. Which nicely leads me on to my second point...
Coat- ASOS, Playsuit- Paul & Joe (sold out), Boots- c/o Daniel Footwear
For me, this is the one piece of advice that I think is absolutely 100% pivotal to break into the fashion industry. I left university with 5 internships under my belt and I truly believe that they were what allowed me to bag my dream job before I'd even finished my final major project.

During my placement year I interned at House of Holland as the Sales & Buying assistant, a great insight into one of my all time favourite brands but it just wasn't the one for me. Sales & Buying was way too numerical, something that was never my strong point, so House of Holland was a real eye opener as to what I didn't want to do, which in itself is a great learning curve; as much as interning is about learning what you want to do, it's also great to rule out something that just isn't right for you.

From House of Holland I moved on to a styling role at ASOS Magazine; one of my absolute fave internships! I learnt so much through assisting on a number of incredible photoshoots which allowed me to build up a pretty super portfolio. I left knowing that styling was 100% for me; I even said to my mum that I'd only ever return to London for ASOS; strange how things work out isn't it.

Following my month with ASOS, I moved to Alexander McQueen as their Accessories Press Intern; a fantastic role and something I absolutely loved. The team I worked with banished all of my typical fashion stereotypes and were just an absolute dream to work with. It was a high impact and demanding internship, with down right ridiculous hours but I completely and utterly loved it!

After three months interning in London, I had well and truly ran out of money so had no other choice than to head back up to Manchester. As disappointing as this was, I returned to Manchester and bagged my first paid internship with JD Sports. Not the most glamorous of companies but the most amazing role, team and experience was gained there. I worked as the Creative Projects Assistant which meant I produced photoshoots for all of the JD facias including Blacks, Size?, Bank Fashion and of course JD Sports themselves. Producing photoshoots, model scouting and styling; it was pretty much the dream internship which allowed me to build up the most incredible portfolio of work. I even got to travel to Portugal to assist on a high summer campaign for JD Sports, it was just fantastic!
As a part of the JD sports group, Bank Fashion then pulled me over to their team to assist with Marketing & PR, which, again was a really great insight into another avenue of fashion. Dealing with publications, shopping centres and bloggers it really allowed me to gain a number of key contacts of which I still deal with today.

Throughout my placement year I kept an online diary of my day to day fashion adventures and fashion woes to present to my tutors on my return to uni. That's where PagesbyMegan (then WhatsNewPussyCatt) came from, which is another HUGE factor of how I got to where I am today. Showing how I style and present myself on a day to day basis is a great way of showing potential employers and clients my ability as a stylist. My blog also shows my dedication to the industry and offers an insight into my life that employers just don't get from 2 pages of a CV.
Coat (sold out), Shirt, Jeans, Boots- All ASOS
After my year of interning, I returned to university and worked my little bum off completing a full magazine project, a dissertation and final major project. Literally the toughest year of my life, which I seriously didn't think I'd be able to finish, but of course, I did.
I left university with a 2:1 in Fashion Communication & Promotion and more importantly, a job.

One afternoon I was slogging it in the library with my pal Nikki, when I received an email from ASOS, explaining how I'd been put forward for a new role. A lot of screaming was involved between Nikki and I, before I replied saying YES YES YES!
I headed down to London 2 weeks later to take part in the toughest day of my entire life! An assessment centre jam packed with activities, tests and interviews to determine who was right for the role, and thankfully, I was!

Now I'm in London, working and blogging full time, it's an absolutely mental thing to be doing but being completely engulfed in fashion is something that I truly believe got me to where I am today. I studied fashion, wrote about fashion here, on my blog, and now I finally work within the industry, my life is consumed by fashion and I simply couldn't be happier!

So thats it, thats me and my story and how I got to being a Personal Stylist at ASOS. It is honestly my dream job and something I have worked very hard for! A lot of people ask me how I got my job; as if it was just handed to me, just like that; but I know how hard I've worked and I am honestly so very proud of myself.

I do hope you've enjoyed this post and please know that this is not me bragging, rather offering some insight into my life and journey as prompted by you lot. Feel free to take a peek back through my archives, to the very beginning as thats where this blog came from, it began as a diary of my internships, so if you fancy a laugh then do have a nosey.

Stay tuned for my next post all about my top tips for breaking into the industry.

Lotsa Love

x M

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Oh Stan

Jacket- Zara, Jumper- Zara (old season, similar here), Polo Neck- Primark (similar here & here), Trousers- Joseph (similar here), Trainers- Adidas Originals c/o FootAsylum

It's no secret, that I am in love with a man, a man named Stan Smith!

Okay so not the man, more like the trainers named after the man but by jove i'm in love!
I now have three pairs of the classic trainers and I plan to continue my love affair with each and every update they release!

This particular pair from FootAsylum are my all time faves with the incredible zebra print detailing, it's absolute love; step on them, and you will receive a punch, as Will learnt... The hard way...
Unfortunately this particular style has now sold out, but FootAsylum have a seriously great selection of my fave trainers that you can check out right here.

I just find Stans the perfect trainer to pair with tailoring to really add a modern edge to any look (My all time fave look was this one featuring a pair of good ole Stans), as I did on Sunday, the perfect exploring attire; of course topped off with my favourite seventies coat of dreams, I mean it is surgically attached to my back afterall.

x M

Read a quick interview with me and FootAsylum to find out some more weird and wonderful facts about me and Stan here.

P.S No Will's were hurt in the making of this post.

Sunday, 18 January 2015


Blouse- c/o Hawes & Curtis, Dungarees- Zara (sold out online, similar here & here)
Flares are beginning to take over my wardrobe. I now have a pair in pretty much every wash, with the latest to my collection being this uhhhmazing pair of flared dungarees. My absolute ultimate sale find of the season; I spied them for £70 full price in Zara just before Christmas and had my fingers crossed that they would find their way into the January sales, and that they did!

It's the absolute perfect piece to team with casual tees, polo neck jumpers and here, with an seriously stunning silk pussy bow blouse by Hawes & Curtis. With it's silk finish, dramatic pussy bow detailing and super slim fit, it fits underneath these super seventies flared dungas perfectly! If it's shirting you want then Hawes & Curtis are your guys!

x M

Thursday, 15 January 2015

Pussy Bowing

Coat- Monki via ASOS, Sunglasses- Saint Laurent c/o Red Hot Sunglasses, Dress- ASOS, Bow Tie- ASOS, Boots- Carvella c/o Shoeaholics

So as i've discussed a zillion times both on here and on my Instagram, I'm having a serious love affair with the 1970s right now. Although saying that, i'm keen to not look like a throw back or worse, like i'm wearing fancy dress; so a few strategic styling pieces are a must to bring a look into the twenty first century.

Denim is huge this season, as it is every season, but there is something about SS15 that has me pining for denim EVERYTHING!
This denim shirt dress is the perfect piece to style up in so many different ways and i'm really enjoying experimenting with it.
Here I teamed it with a pussy bow tie, to give it that retro touch and of course a must have round pair of era-appropriate sunglasses by Saint Laurent.
All topped off with this KILLER faux fur coat by Monki, with it's oversized shape AND A HOOD! I find it so tricky to find coats that look amaze and shelter my poor barnet from the rain, so this really is the one!

x M

Monday, 12 January 2015


Jacket- Zara, Jumper- ASOS, Jeans- ASOS, Sunglasses- Le Specs c/o Sunglasses Shop similar here, Bag- Mulberry (old), Boots- Carvella c/o Shoeaholics

It's no secret that I am a sucker for all things sixties & seventies so when this seriously seventies faux leather jacket stepped into my life, I truly fell in love! I feel like a super seventies babe when I wear it; it transforms literally any look; the perfect piece to use in all my dream style formulas.

As a stylist, I truly believe in fashion formulas when it comes to dressing. My mind is full of them, my strictest, and the one i've discussed the most is my "2 parts masculine for every 1 part feminine" which is pretty self explanatory; for every feminine piece you wear, throw on 2 masculine pieces to get the balance just right.

And with nostalgic, retro pieces my formulas are never far from my mind each morning. This time for every retro piece that graces my body I like to contrast it with one modern and contemporary piece. So, for example with this look, the seventies jacket of dreams, was combined with a novelty knit (super modern) which then allowed me to add a parallel jean (retro) and a black buckle boot by Carvella (modern) and there we have it, all topped off with the epitome or retro meets modern with these epic reflective sunglasses by Le Specs.

It's all in the formulas!

x M
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