Friday, 27 February 2015

February Favourites

As if another month has been and gone, oh February aka the dullest month of the year, but if I'm honest you've not been all that bad to me... Thank God! You've brought with it some huge changes, some massive LOLz and lots of favourites so lets get started...

1. Suede Jackets
It's no secret that I've been having a bit of a love affair with all things suede this past month, but especially those bad ass, super seventies suede jackets! I simply cannot get enough of them and all their rock n roll vibes, particularly these three vintage beauties from Vulgar, Beyond Retro & Rokit.

2. Nails Inc Gel Effect Polish
Earlier this month, Nails Inc kindly sent over the mother of all care packages; a box filled to the brim with nail varnish! As a girl who takes pride in the appearance of her nails, this was like heaven to me and I've enjoyed experimenting and trying out all the different hybrid's of polish from Nails Inc. My personal favourite so far is the Nails Inc Gel Effect polishes, they're super easy to apply, super glossy and last a darn site longer than most nail varnishes. And as for the shades, need I say any more?

3. Kiehl's Ultra Facial Range
For Christmas I was lucky enough to receive a couple of Selfridges vouchers and knew exactly what I wanted to spend them on... Skincare!
More specifically I knew that Kiehl's was the brand I wanted to indulge in so bagged myself a cleanser, toner and moisturiser from the Ultra Facial range.
And so far I am absolutely loving each piece from the range; they're super fresh, lightweight and leave my skin beyond clean I can't tell you!

Earlier this month I had an awful allergic reaction to an exfoliator and this little triple act was a God send in assisting to bring my skin back up to scratch with it's natural ingredients and fragrance free beautifulness! I think I may have FINALLY nailed down my skincare regime! HALLELUJAH!

4. Candy Kittens
Now this month I've been trying REALLY HARD to eat better and lose a lil bit of the dreaded Christmas podge but c'mon I'm only human, and deserve a lil bit of summin summin from time to time.
Sweeties and chocolate are two things that no matter how good I am being, I just cannot live without. In steps Candy Kittens, an all natural all BEAUTIFUL luxury sweet brand that makes snacking on sweeties that little less naughty (well, kind of)
My personal faves are the Sour Watermelon babies and the Apple & Elderflower beauts, they're just far too moreish!

5. LFW
Of course I couldn't do a February favourites and not include LFW, the most important date in February for many a British fashion lover!
I had a wonderful season spent with amazing friends at some incredible shows. The highlights for me as shown above from Left-Right, the Orla Kiely Presentation, which is always an absolute highlight of fash week, if not THEE fash week highlight!

I was also lucky enough to attend the Sophia Webster presentation for the second time and it did not disappoint, so much fun as per usual!
As well as Jasper Conran & Eudon Choi, Danielle Romeril was a huge Fash Week highlight for me, I just adored the whole setting, the hair, the make up and the Pocahontas inspired looks, just perfect!


So there we have my February faves, do let me know what you've been loving lately pretty please as I'd love to try some new thangs out.

x M

Thursday, 26 February 2015


Last night I headed to the West End, the home of Marcus Wareing's new eatery, Tredwell's. I had heard such rave reviews about the place so was super duper excited for an evening of delicious food.

We were greeted by the warmest of welcomes, with each and every member of staff making us feel truly at home. The setting was super cosy and warm, with a relaxed and informal atmosphere, I just knew we were in for a treat. Boasting a menu that featured "modern London cooking with a focus on British produce" I was super excited to peruse the menu... again, I mean, of course I'd already scoped out what I wanted online beforehand...

First up we opted for a cocktail each; the "Down The Apples & Pears" was simply delicious featuring Belvedere vodka, apple, pear, elderflower and thyme, it was the perfect choice to start off a delicious three course meal. I personally opted for the gin cocktail, you know, cos I just lurrrve me some gin. The fact the "Gunpowder Gimlet" featured both gin and green tea had me certain that it was going to be right up my street,.. and that it totally was! Possibly the most refreshing cocktail I've ever tasted.

Now for starters, the aim of the game, which I believe should be the aim with each and every meal is to share a number of plates between your party. So, with that we opted for the prawn, white polenta, roast garlic & chicken broth, which, was one of the most delicious starters I have ever had the pleasure of tasting, an absolute taste sensation and something I'm already dying to eat again!
We also chose the chicken liver mouse with bacon jam and toast which was also pretty darn scrummy.

Now onto the red wine and main course situation.
I'm a real fish lover (which I know you shouldn't have with red wine but heyyyyy!) and tend to always order fish when I eat out, so, in true Megan style I opted for the smoked haddock, crab and courgette gratin which was super creamy yet crunchy and just beyond delicious. Whilst my buddy went for a good ole hanger steak with mushroom ketchup, they continually assured me it was just as incredible! We then shared some sides of polenta chips which were like nothing i've ever tasted before and the most deliciously fresh kale slaw!

Positively stuffed, we of course found room for a pudding or two, again of which we shared.  A seriously rich chocolate brownie with coconut yogurt and a warm ginger cake with caramel and cream, both absolutely delicious but the ginger cake won our vote for best pudding EVER!

So there we have it Marcus Wareing's Tredwells has made it into my top three best restaurants in London so far! I would seriously reccomend it if you're around London any time soon. Delicious food, a beautiful atmosphere and the most attentive of staff, I can't wait to go back!

x M

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

LFW Day 3- What I Wore

Jacket- c/o Vulgar Vintage, Polo neck- Primark, Dungarees- ASOS, Neck Tie- ASOS, Boots- ASOS, Bag- Whistles via ASOS
Photos c/o Miles Drury 

Day three was a much quieter day for me; I spent my morning with Palmer Harding which, as always was in the most beautiful of locations! I then visited the Sophia Webster presentation, which, like last time was a truly incredible production with some seriously beautiful shoes... OBVZ!

As it was day 3 of LFW I opted for comfort with my new wide leg dungarees from ASOS, layered with a polo neck and a bandanna neck tie, a combination I'm seriously loving right now.
But, lets face it, this look is completely made by the insanely beautiful jacket, am I right?
This little baby is from Vulgar Vintage, a vintage boutique in Sheffield but also stocked on ASOS Marketplace. I simply cannot explain my love for it, the colour, the cut ALL OF IT!

x M

Monday, 23 February 2015

LFW DAY 2- What I Wore

Photos c/o Michaela Tornaritis 

Jacket- c/o Beyond Retro, Jumper- ASOS, Backpack- Whistles via ASOS, Trousers- Joseph, Boots- Acne
Photos c/o Miles Drury

So day 2 of LFW brought with it lots of incredible shows, presentations and street style love from the cobbles of Somerset House!

I was lucky enough to view the Jasper Conran show which included head to toe navy, aubergine and olive green looks, the epitome of wearable autumn/winter fashion. I then hotfooted across town to the Orla Kiely presentation which is always a fashion week highlight for me. Sticking to her 1960s roots we were transported to a library setting and were hit with the most beautiful of sixties ensembles.
Finishing the day with Danielle Romeril which consisted of Pocahontas inspired pieces, just divine!

For day 2 I went for some serious seventies vibes in this absolutely incredible suede and shearling jacket from the loves at Beyond Retro. It's exactly the piece I've been looking for and I cannot express my love for it, Pandora Sykes... Eat yo' heart out ;)

x M

P.S BIG, HUGE, WHOPPING thanks to Michaela & Miles for these shots!

Sunday, 22 February 2015

LFW Day 1- What I Wore

Cap- ASOS, Jacket- c/o Baum und Pferdgarten, Necklaces & Rings- c/o Astrid & Miyu, Top- c/o Baum und Pferdgarten, Jeans- ASOS, Clutch bag- c/o Story of Lola, Boots- c/o ASOS
Howdy Partners, I've finally got 5 minutes to myself so can update you with my LFW looks and goss.

So day one was a fun one to say the least; I started with Schwarzkopf behind the scenes of the Felder Felder show where they kindly gave me a much needed hair cut, whatcha reckon? I much prefer my hair slightly shorter at that kinda awkward length, you know.

I then headed across to Somerset House for the Eudon Choi show which, as per usual was an absolute dream with structured flares, tailoring and shearling... AHHH!

Felder Felder was next with some serious seventies vibes with the most incredible fringed hair doos EVER, I had major fringe envy to say the least! Finishing the day with Fyodor Golan and drinks with the girls which is always a fash week highlight for me.

I went for a sport meets seventies vibes for day 1 with pinstripes and red hues, what do you reckon? I can't get enough of double denim right now so this Baum und Pferdgarten quilted jacket was the perfect partnering for my ASOS jeans! Accessorised again with my fave jewellery brand Astrid & Miyu and personally, I believe topped off by this super fun and super soft fluffy clutch bag!

Stay tuned for my Day 2 look tomorrow!

x M

Special thanks to the gorgeous Amber for these uhhhhmazing shots, what a talented wee thang!

Thursday, 19 February 2015


Hat- Topshop, Jacket- Zara (old), Shirt Dress- c/o Lazy Oaf, Leggings- Topshop, Boots- ASOS, Rings- Astrid & Miyu here, here & here

Apologies for the mini hiatus of late! My life is literally CRAY CRAY right now and I have had no time and no photographer for the past few weeks, but I'm back and here to stay... I hope!

Anyhoo, I thought I'd kick off my "come back" with a wee bitta colour with this uhhhhmazing shirt dress by Lazy Oaf, I mean COME ON how awesome is it!?
I'm really digging the funny little print; lots of colourful cartoon men going about their business, you know, walking the dog, having a boogie, just general life thaaangs, it's love!
In fact, the whole SS15 Lazy Oaf collection is pretty darn fabulous, I'm currently eyeing up this and this... Incred right!?

I teamed my fun lil wardrobe addition, with, of course, a lil bit of seventies goodness with my fave leather jacket and super chunky platform boots! Topped off with the most beautifully delicate jewellery by Astrid & Miyu, my new fave jewellery brand. I just love how the rings i'm wearing here and the necklaces that are still to come, look when stacked together, just beautiful!

So, who will be at LFW tomorrow? As I am with every other aspect of my life I am still seriously unorganised with the whole thing, but I'm still looking forward to it all the same. Lets hang out guys!?

x M
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