Girls Night Out With Etsy

Find My Dress, Coat, & Boots.

Party season is almost upon us... YUS! There really is nothing better than getting all girly-fied with your besties and heading out for some drinks and of course some serious dancing.
But as y'all know, girly-fying myself is no easy task for a self confessed, sixties tomboy, so I took to Etsy, my one stop destination for all things vintage and handmade, and boy did they impress!

Boutique after boutique of independent sellers, means;
1. You''ll spend hours of your life hopping from store to store and revelling in the hand made and vintage beautifullness; trust me, I did, and these are some of my fave party pieces from Etsy that I am currently pining after, along with a homeware list as long as my arm, but thats for a different post.
2. You'll end up leaving with a seriously unique piece or two, that you won't find on anybody else,  so no wardrobe dramz when you show up at your Christmas do... BONUS!

So with that, myself and my best girls Carmen and Abbie got ourselves ready for our Christmas bash thanks to good ole Etsy.

I chose this freaking marvellous hand made dress from Etsy Seller Violet House; the mix of textures, the sixties cut and of course the fact that this was tailor-made to fit, as, being a mere 5ft4, hem line is everything, and, just look, they got it bloody spot on!
I accessorised my look with some bad ass silver winklepickers from The Gothic Shoe Company; again totally handmade and now my go-to boots for both comfort and style! I'm already eyeing up a good few pairs from the store that you can see over on my Etsy edit page. And then finally throwing in the ultimate Almost Famous suede coat from September Girl Vintage and I am pretty much in Christmas party look heaven!

So there we have it, my first Christmas party look is a GO! And what a way to kick of the party season than with Etsy ey? Make sure you check out my gals Carms and Abbie's blogs to find all the deets to their looks. I really hope you enjoyed and stay tuned for more party inspo very soon.

x M


How To Get That Messy Bed Head Hair Look

Following on from a recent blog post where I explained the tools I use to get my messy, "I just got out of bed" hair look (check it out here), a lot of you were interested in the products I use to achieve this look. So with that here it is, a pretty meaty blog post featuring all the hair products I use every other day and sometimes every day to achieve my hair look... ENJOY!

S Factor Tigi Serious Shampoo, S Factor Tigi Serious Conditioner, Tigi Bed Head Colour Goddess Treatment, Redken All Soft Heavy Cream Treatment, Schwarzkopf Essence Ultime Diamond Color Shampoo, Schwarzkopf Essence Ultime Diamond Color Conditioner

In The Shower:

I tend to wash my hair every three days, as my preferred hair look is a messy one, it means that day old hair is the best when achieving this look.
Depending on what it is my hair needs that particular day I vary the shampoo and conditioner that I use. If my colour is in need of some love I'll opt for the Schwarzkopf Essence Ultime Diamond Color duo. This really helps to give my coloured hair a little pick me up and a good ole boost in the right direction. It's super nourishing and seals in my hair colour to prevent it from fading and is also extremely well priced at just £4.99 a bottle.
If I'm in need of some serious shine, I'll reach for the S Factor Tigi Serious Shampoo & Conditioner, which contains sunflower seed oil and silk and repairs and defends my hair against future damage... Which is pretty damn likely due to the overload of heat and products that go into my hair.

Similarly with regards to treatments which I try and use twice a week, I will vary depending what it is my hair needs that day. I absolutely ADORE the Tigi Bed Head Colour Goddess treatment as it enhances my colour, smooths and smells absolutely divine; think salted caramel... YEAH BUDDY!
And if I fancy a super sleek do I'll go for my all time favourite treatment, Redken All Soft Heavy Cream... Two words... SILKY SMOOTH!

Schwarzkopf Got 2 B Mind Blowing Express Dry Styling Spray, Redken Body Full Volume Amplifier, Moroccan Oil, Phytho Phytokeratine Extreme Conditioner

Whilst it's wet; Prep:

So once my hair is all silky smooth and seriously clean, I let it air dry a little bit and get on to the dreaded blow dry. I absolutely despise blow drying my hair, finding it the most boring and long winded beauty task EVER... Until I discovered the Schwarzkopf Got 2 B Mind Blowing Express Dry Styling Spray, phew, what a name. This little baby does exactly what it says it does, it speeds up the drying process. I was a little dubious about whether it would actually work but seriously, it works like a dream and cuts down the dreaded blow dry time by about 5-10 minutes... RESULT!

Prior to the express dry spray I'll lather in some beautiful Moroccan Oil, which we all know does wonders for smooth hair, then adding the Pyhytho Phytokeratine Extreme Cream Conditioner which is a little life saver for my super dry and brittle hair, it also smells an absolute dream which is always a plus.

Then finally before I turn the dreaded hair dryer on I'll blast in some Redken Body Full Volume Amplifier to my roots to give my hair that much needed lift. I absolutely adore this stuff and am so thankful to Boohoo for slipping it in a little goodie bag as I don't think I'd ever have used it otherwise.

Tigi Bed Head Masterpiece Massive Shine Hair Spray, Goldwell DulaSenses Serum, Tangle Teezer, Schwarzkopf Got 2 B Mind Blowing Fast Dry Hairspray, Ojon Rare Blend Tamer, Bed Head Tigi Joy Ride

When it's dry, Style;

Following the blow dry, I'll give my hair a good second brush with my beloved Tangle Teezer and then get out my GHD Curling Tongs (see this post to know exactly what I do) and set it all in place with a number of fabulous products.

First up I'll add some serum, my serum of choice lately is the Goldwell DualSenses Rich Repair 6 Effects Serum which is bloody marvellous at smoothing down my cuticles and adding some additional shine. For even more awesome shine I'll go in with the Bed Head Tigi Masterpiece Massive Shine Hairspray. I use this more for the shine qualities than for the hairspray hold as my current hairspary of choice is this Schwarzkopf Got 2 B Mind Blowing Fast Dry Hairspray, it's a really light and non sticky hair spray which allows my hair to stay in place but still have some movement to it which is exactly how I like it.
For additional texture I'll then use the Bed Head Tigi Joy Ride, a powder, primer, balm that adds tonnes of texture to my fluffy and freshly washed hair, giving my hair that second day look.
And then finally for any rogue frizzy and flyaway pieces I'll use the Ojon Rare Blend Tamer, a really nifty piece that I keep in my make up bag. It's like a little mascara for your hair which instantly smooths and nourishes those little rule breakers.

So there we have it, now you know all about the products I use to create my messy and super texturised hair look. I appreciate that it is a heck load of products but as I have super straight and rather dry hair it's the price I'm willing to pay to have the messiest hair do in all the land... Oh logic.

 x M


Raspberry Beret

Beret- ASOS, Coat- c/o Boohoo, Scarf- Topshop, Tshirt- c/o Levis, Jeans- c/o Levis, Boots- c/o Boohoo

WOAH now, call the colour police, this gal needs some injecting into her life...

I've not worn a monochromatic look in SO LONG! And I mean SO LONG!
I'm really into all black looks on those down days, but usually I opt for colour and prints to bring my looks to life, so this is a rather nice change indeed.

Somewhat a simple look that is brought together by it's accessories... And of course by the help of this awesome statement Prince Of Wales checked coat by Boohoo.
It's oversized shape means it has that masculine touch that I absolutely love when it comes to outerwear, and the print adds some serious interest to what is a very basic T-shirt and jeans combination.

Throw in some killer accessories such as a wool beret, an oversized scarf and some glossy patent boots and you're onto a winter winner.

x M



I'M GOING TO NYC!! ; Packing For Cold Climates/ City Breaks

YES, thats right I'm currently at Heathrow Airport waiting to board my flight to NYC... Wahoo! I am besides myself with excitement as New York is my favourite place in all the world, and since visiting there for my 18th birthday (which is the 4th July/Independence Day dontcha know) I've been itching to get back there.

I'm heading there to support my boyfriend and his business partner Terry as they host a week long pop up restaurant... How exciting ey! Myself and Terry's lovely girlfriend will be joining the two of them out there for a super cute double date break and I honestly cannot wait.

With that, I thought I'd share some packing tips that I've learnt along the way. I'm constantly on the move, whether it be simply venturing back to Manchester from London, so I like to think of myself as quite the seasoned packer.
For such an occasion I got myself some brand new luggage, the awesome Samsonite Lite Shock duo in the very gorgeous petrol blue shade.
These are THEE lightest suitcases I have EVER had/pulled/felt?! and they fit a heck load inside, which is pivotal when heading to a cold climate... Particularly one such as NYC, I mean the shopping HELLO!

PACKING; The Bulk.

So first up, I did a mini catwalk in my bedroom, trying on and writing down each of the looks for my week long trip to New York City. Yes this may seem a little too planned but I want to create some awesome content for you guys whilst I'm out there so prepping my looks before hand is essential.
I piled my clothes and shoes and set to work neatly rolling up each of the pieces. This, essentially saves on SO MUCH SPACE, and really does seem to work for eliminating those pesky creases. As you can see, I've kept my colour palettes rather simple, this is for two reasons. The first, it means I have more wearability from the pieces I've selected, mixing and matching to create different looks. And the second is the fact that I've treated myself to one heck of a statement coat and plan to get as much wear from it as possible whilst on my trip. As it's so statement I've chosen simple pieces that will let the coat do the talking.


For me this is the part of packing that leaves me with serious anxiety. I always feel like I'm missing something vital, so once again I write a trusty ole list and pack everything neatly inside some seriously cute toiletry bags, these green and grey babies come in a pack of three from Primark and I'm seriously impressed indeed.
I go through my make up, deciding on which lip and eye products I'd wear with each look and then of course chuck in the day to day essentials. Then, same for my skincare and washing pieces, they go into another little pouch similarly to my accessories such as sunglasses, belts and jewellery.
I forgot to pack my hair straighteners and curling tongs so at this point they'd also go in.

Securing everything with the elastic straps and zipping up my clothing with this seriously handy petrol blue cover, meaning my clothes stay in place and won't get mucky against my shoes and any dreaded toiletry leaks and spills.


As well as the larger check in suitcase, I also got my hands on the smaller Samsonite Lite-Shock carry on suitcase, which again is super duper light with tonnes of room for my inflight essentials.
Of course, inflight beauty is a must, so I've packed my must haves (entire post on what those entail is coming up soon) and some make up that I will apply just before I get off the flight.
A total essential when taking long haul flights is inflight entertainment so as well as my phone and trusty Spotify playlist (follow me here) I have my laptop and camera to ensure lots of inflight blogging goes ahead, along with my trusty Filofax diary, my notepad and a good book (I've actually just finished this book and it was out of this world AMAZING, would you like a book review?)
All of this fits in super easily, with of course a scarf for when the flight gets a little colder and some extra space for the inevitable duty free spending spree.

So there we have it, my packing essentials and a few tips and tricks for packing for colder climates and city breaks.
Make sure you're following me on both Instagram handles @meganellaby & @ASOS_Megan for a day to day look into my NYC trip and I'll see you when I'm back, although I have TONNES of stuff all set for whilst I'm away.

x M


Happy Birthday Kickers! #MyKickers #KickHi40th

Bomber Jacket- ASOS White, Jumper- c/o Genevieve Sweeney (Get free delivery with code "meganxGS"), Flares- c/o Warehouse, Bag- House of Holland c/o My Bag, Kickers- c/o KICKERS

Can you bloody believe it!?
I've been wearing Kickers pretty much since I learnt to walk so it's hard to believe that such a boot, that seems so new, so current and connotes such fun-filled childhood memories from just 20 years ago (I'm 23 FYI) is, in fact 40 whole years old... Mental ey!?

I remember being around 4 and my sister, around 2 or 3 and us both knocking about in Kickers Kick Hi Boots. Mine pillar box red and Faye's a dusty pale pink shade, so to have a new pair in my Kickers Repertoire (I also have a rad metallic heeled pair) is pretty wonderful indeed.

To celebrate the Kickers Kick Hi Boot's birthday, I present to you the limited edition Denim Kick Hi... HOW DIVINE ARE THESE!?
I am literally obsessed with them and the fact that I can now do double, triple and even quadruple denim in ways I never thought would ever be possible. But fear not, you too can get your mitts on the all new Denim Kick Hi's over on from 2nd December.

So Happy Birthday to my lifelong pal, you've had a good run and to be fair, we've had a pretty good run ourselves... Here's to another 40 years and being the coolest Nan in town!

x M

*Post In Collaboration With Kickers but nostalgia, love and words all my own*